On-demand Fashion meets Digital at Sleeve

Our Mission

Sustainable Fashion at a click of a button.

— No minimums, start with one just one item

Do you want to include truly made-to-measure items in your collection? Sample and produce in quantities of one, or more. You decide.

— Adjust your pattern automatically

Our algorithm tweaks your pattern in real time, maintaining garment harmony. Deep customization based on measurements, fit, or fabric preference

— Recreate garments in 3D 

Customize everything from patterns to buttons, order the outfit instantly or save for later! AR and VR ready for the immersive shopping experience.

— Know your inventory & order status

Our Order Management platform communicates with the internal systems of factories and suppliers. Yes, track inventory and order status in real-time

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It is Time to Flip the Chain, manufacture what we need when we need it, while making bold apparel design decisions.
A solution for brands, manufactures, suppliers and our planet.

What kind of magic can you expect from Sleeve?

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Sell first, produce later
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Inventory Management
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Sustainable manufacturing
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Analytics & Dashboards
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Customization & Tailoring
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Trace your order
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Life-like 3D garments
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Tech support & Training
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Exciting Upgrades
They trust us
These brands, factories, and fabric suppliers trusted us with flipping the cycle and manufacturing clothes on-demand

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