We deconstructed the process and automated every step to make it seamless for you

Order management

Finalize your order with factories in days.

Automatic Pattern Alteration

Save day of manual work with our algorithm

Data Analytics

Know your customer through data integration

Catalogs & Inventory Management

Keep track of your inventory in real-time

3D for in-store and online

Spin your garments 360° on any screen

Digital Texture

Try out any fabric texture on your 3D garment digitally


■ Profile on Sleeve Marketplace

■ Digital Catalog

■ Order Configurator

■ Order Tracking

■ Order Delivery


■ Ticketing

■ Chat

■ Dashboard

■ Independent User Accounts

■ Personalized webapps with 3D viewer and configurator

On-demand is a connected mechanism.
We make it work through creating synergies between and for the brands, manufacturers, suppliers.
You are a brand
You are a manufacturer
You are a supplier

You are a brand: Embrace the on-demand production

Leave the boring work to us and focus on designing. Give your customers a taste of your collection digitally and let them design the garment they want, in store or online. Never again worry about unsold stock.
Made-to-measure brands, keep the craftmanship while going digital. Ready-to-wear brands, enjoy all-things integrated for a smooth on-demand process.

Produce only what you want, when you want it.

You no longer have to predict the demand, sample, photoshoot, and upload to the website. By using our order configurator and integrating life-like 3D design on your website, you can construct the order in real-time. Manufacturing and tracking will start AFTER the order is placed. No more unsold stock!

Made-to-measure brands, we know that personal client interactions are important for you. Inspired by your measurements-taking forms, our solution keeps your process, while making it digital.

We’re all about smooth sailing. For your customers and for you.

Offer hyper-customization with no hassle. We will notify you when fabric supplies are low, so that you are never out of raw inventory.

Faster and more Furious

At Sleeve, we minimize the order lead times to weeks or even days through automation and traceability. Become hyper-agile for any potential supply chain disruptions.

Give your inputs a double check

We created a system of checkpoints to prevent unrealistic numbers, typos, or missing information.

Show your customers some love

You don’t have to rely on seasons, trends, or sizes. Make your garments work for any body type, any size, and any mood.

Maximize your Minimum Order Quantity

Sleeve marketplace will always have a factory ready to take orders at a quantity that works for you. You decide your batch size at Sleeve.

Test the waters before your next big adventure

Sample and test your future collection easily through 3D design and micro-ordering with no minimums, yes, just one item !

Clothes on-demand is the ultimate sustainability tool

When you sell on-demand, you not only satisfy the intent to buy, but also get closer to the dream – dream fit, dream color, dream garment. Your customers will keep it for longer, waste less, and simply love you for making fashion more sustainable

Pssst, we are also working on integrating recycling companies onto the platform !

New or old, big or small, all brands are welcome

We are happy to work with brands of any size or maturity. It is always the right time to go on-demand.

You are a manufacturer: focus on your know-how, we’ll take care of the order flow

Current order processes are largely manual, order finalization can take days, and several alterations are required to make the final customer happy.
Sleeve compartmentalizes the order, prompts instant manufacturing, translates order data and history into a clean dashboard, and lets you find exciting new brands.

Enjoy a new level of data integration and visualization

We will integrate your materials catalog, configure alterations, highlight low inventory, equipping you with everything you need for informed decision-making.

Digitize and streamline the order journey

Our intuitive interface connects brands and factories, minimizes any misunderstandings and human errors, and establishes data flow from the source to smart dashboards, all at your fingertips.

Work with companies of any size and maturity, fearlessly

Create new partnerships without a second thought, we verify and secure payments for you.

Start new product lines, find new markets, and partners, and let them find you

Enter new geographies, find new brands and new fabrics, and become easily discoverable by them, all through the Sleeve marketplace. Widen your offer with Sleeve white brand catalog. When you grow, we grow.

You are a supplier: join an ecosystem of major industry players

We want to help you be more discoverable by brands and factories so that your products become part of this design adventure.
To achieve this, we will integrate your catalogs into Sleeve platform, help manage inventories, logistics, and much more!

Become a part of Sleeve marketplace.

Let us create your profile, integrate your amazing catalogue, introduce you to new exciting brands and factories, and help you find new partners.

Join our community

For us, the marketplace is not just a page or a profile. We aim to build trust and relationships; we would love to explore synergies and see you as our long-term sourcing partner.

Become a part of the 3D design process, let’s spark their interest!

We want your virtual catalogue to reach brands during one of the most creative steps of the order journey – 3D order configuration.

Enjoy a new level of data integration and visualization

We will integrate and help you manage your materials catalog, highlight low inventory, and create dashboards, equipping you with everything you need for informed decision-making.

On-demand fashion is our thing. But if you have any requests for custom-made items, call us!